Jeremy Forbes is the real deal: leadership with heart and with guts. Real leadership is about seeing a wicked problem and thinking “Something needs to be done about this. I can do something about this. I can get others involved in doing something about this.”

Jeremy is one of those leaders the world needs more of. He is a visionary, a doer and a great storyteller. He is not afraid to go where the real people are, where there is suffering, where there are serious conversations which need to be had, to break a few rules along the way, and to do it with heart, integrity and humour.

Lucy Mayes

Program Manager, Community Leadership Loddon Murray

In March, Jeremy Forbes was the guest speaker at Men United, a men’s health event in Kyneton run by Tasting Fitness. The aim of the event was to bring together the men in the community to talk about health and wellbeing, including mental health, depression and suicide prevention.

I didn’t actually stay for all of the presentation as I wanted the men to feel comfortable without any women around, but the feedback from everyone was amazing. I was told that you could hear a pin drop when Jeremy started speaking, despite there being over 100 men in the room. Jeremy commanded their attention with his natural and unique way of communicating. He is a born leader, and a genuine man with a passion to make a difference.

There were several speakers at the event, however most of the feedback given said that Jeremy was an absolute stand-out and that people would pay money to hear him speak again. I was absolutely thrilled with the way he engaged such a diverse crowd of men, from young tradies, to middle-aged businessmen and retirees. Thank you Jeremy, I look forward to hearing you speak again at my next Tasting Fitness event.

Kate Coleman

Founder of No Packet November & Tasting Fitness

I have watched Jeremy present on numerous occasions to young people, professionals, tradies, and workers in the welfare field. His presentations are a work of art in group communication – they are filled with his striking personality, his experiences, and his natural leadership.
Jeremy’s presentations are charming, warm, engaging, personable, quietly provocative, raw and resonate with the audience every time. He always leaves me with something to think about when I leave his presentations.


Timothy Adam


Seat of Your Pants Consultancy

Jeremy presented a 90 minute keynote address on day two of the 2017 QUT Student Leadership Conference. He also facilitated an interactive, 90-minute workshop to two small groups of student leaders. Jeremy was present and engaged in all aspects of the conference, actively conversing with students during breaks and even attending other workshops, thus valuing the students’ experience.

Jeremy is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His genuine and practical approach to community leadership provided our students with an achievable example of how to make a difference to the lives of those around them and thus contribute to a better world. Jeremy is a natural storyteller, whose narrative approach enabled the young audience to connect with his message.

Corinne Loane

Community Engagement Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology